Why a Lot of Couples Opt for Platinum Wedding Jewelry in Long Beach

“While many couples choose platinum rings out of concern for durability, some prefer this precious metal due to its timeless beauty. The color and sheen of a platinum ring, after all, perfectly complements virtually any type of wedding dress. Some custom-designed pieces, particularly those from trusted jewelry stores in Long Beach, CA such as McCarty’s Jewelry, are also able to match and capture the wearer’s emotion and personality.

In addition, platinum’s naturally white sheen makes it a perfect match for any type of gemstone, particularly diamond. Although white gold provides a beautiful contrast with diamond in terms of color and sheen, platinum increases diamond’s shine through reflection. Unlike white gold, which fades to yellow over time and consequently requires rhodium plating every now and then, platinum retains its white appearance. Couples looking for the perfect platinum wedding jewelry in Long Beach would do well to choose a trusted name such as McCarty’s.”



The Role of a Long Beach Jewelry Expert in Engagement Ring Shopping

After you have taken note of your observations, be sure to communicate them properly to your Long Beach jewelry expert. Trusted jewelers will be able to walk you through to the entire process and educate you on the different cuts and styles available to help you narrow down your choices to designs that will match your girlfriend’s style.

By turning to the expertise of your jeweler, you can ensure that both the quality and design of your engagement ring will represent the lasting love you have for your girlfriend and complement her personality, as well. Reputable jewelry stores in Long Beach, CA such as McCarty’s Jewelry carry a wide variety of engagement and wedding ring collections that you can choose from for your fiancée-to-be.

Why Shopping in Actual Jewelry Stores in Long Beach, CA is Still Better

While the ring being sold in the Craigslist ad was provided with a very entertaining back story, it can really only do so much to ensure the quality and safety of the purchase that reputable jewelry stores in Long Beach, CA can instead offer.

One of the biggest problems that buying jewelry online poses is the fact that one cannot immediately hold and appraise the item’s physical value. Not knowing what the ring or jewelry looks like until it arrives at the door, without any quality check from the buyer, is already tenuous in itself.

On Searching for Antique Jewelry in Jewelry Stores in Long Beach, CA

The adage, “They just don’t make them like they used to!” is true when shopping for mass-manufactured contemporary jewelry; after all, there seems to be less depth and romance attached to these pieces. Collectors or jewelry fans, however, can still get a slice of history when buying estate, vintage, or antique jewelry from established jewelry stores in Long Beach, CA.

Estate jewelry is considered a lasting investment. They encompasses design periods and represent a great value that most pieces of brand-new modern jewelry lack. These vintage objects are also superior in quality, offering buyers something unique at more advantageous prices because they are pre-owned.

Ask Jewelry Stores in Long Beach, CA About Non-Diamond Ring Options

Another option is to forget encrusting the rings with precious stones. Plain gold and platinum works too, especially to women who prefer minimalist designs. Before the 20th century, most rings hardly had diamonds. The simple couple can make do with gold or platinum rings that a number of good jewelry stores in Long Beach, CA like McCarty’s Jewelry offer. These plated rings can also work as wedding rings.